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FOSS Explained by Jeff Hoogland

FOSS is an acronym for Free Open Source Software. It is a concept Linux users use but not all of them understand. I read Jeff’s post on the subject and found it very clear to understand and with his permission I am linking to it here.

Jeff Hoogland is the author of the Thoughts on Technology blog and the creator of Bodhi Linux. A simple to use and very customizable Linux distro based on Ubuntu as a base. But this post is about FOSS and I encourage your to read Jeff’s post and explore the ideas behind it on your own. Without FOSS we probably would not be where we are in the Linux world today. Thank you Jeff for allowing me to link to your work.

Good-Bye kmandla

Motho ke motho ka botho has always been a very enjoyable blog to read. I will be missing the easy way in which he wrote. The blog was always written in an honest and simple manner that made me feel as if we were sitting across a table. I learned a few tricks there too and I hope it remains for a while longer as I have not yet perused every page.

Good-bye kmandla.