Penguin Evolution Turns Glacial

Lately I think my evolution with Linux has slowed to a pace somewhat slower than the glaciers of Greenland move towards the ocean. I am not learning anything new. I will admit that I am not giving it a supreme effort. I could do more, but with the programs I use I have hit a comfort zone. Perhaps the workload I am undergoing during the day has an effect. I turn on my laptop, or really I should say, I wake it up from its deep slumber, and everything works as it is supposed to do. I never have to fix anything or so it seems. Using Linux, in this case Linux Mint 14 XFCE, everything works. This does not happen at work. :) I don’t think I need to spell out what OS I primarily spend my entire day working with, do I?

So I ask the question, has this ever happened to you? I know this must happen to others, so how about you? Do you get in a glacial rut?



4 thoughts on “Penguin Evolution Turns Glacial

  1. zykoda

    Whilst the hardware performs proficiently, stay on the plateau of functional competence. There is much afoot to disturb that sublime state. I’ve been in that situation since mint 9, which I still use day to day, but am currently trying a similar tactic with mint 13. Debian 7.1 looks a fair contender if one is practical rather than esoteric.

  2. opensas

    yeah, me too, pretty comfortable (almost bored) with ubuntu and unity. the only reason to move away is strictly ideological (that’s not a bad reason indeed) so I’m looking at trisquel and arch…

  3. Jraz Post author

    I am a bit relieved to find I am not alone. I think that is why this blog slowed down too. I loaded openSuse 12.3 on a laptop and once again everything works. I think the devs are creating terrific environments for users like me and I find I don’t have much to configure beyond a few desktop tweaks.

  4. Daniel Messer (@bibrarian)

    I think you hit a certain stage where everything works. Me, I like to tinker, but there are times that I just need to do stuff. When I sit down to do some illustrating, or write a song, or write an essay or anything like that. I’m not looking to tinker, I’m trying to work. So that’s how it is with many of my computing experiences.

    I get a new Windows 7 laptop, I spend weeks setting it up. Once it’s set, it’s ready. I got a Mac Mini and spent weeks setting it up, works great now. My Linux box? Same thing. Spent weeks setting it up and tweaking, and now it’s my Linux box.

    What I do enjoy doing is watching the feeds and listening to shows about Linux and so on and getting ideas from there. Many of the really cool apps or tricks I discovered, I heard about them through a podcast or blog. :)


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