Will Secure Boot Impact You?

Well the time has come for many to replace aging computers or laptops. And the deals could not be more enticing. Prices are seemingly slashed everywhere and Windows 8 logo is on nearly everything too. But beware of Secure Boot being on those Windows 8 stamped machines. This technology is supposedly good for us. That is if we run Windows but I do not. Yes the malware it is supposed to stop from booting is a problem but I think getting the malware in the first place is worse and I have never seen an infection start with the boot process. Hmm, apparently MS has seen this since they have almost threatened, key word almost, manufacturers into installing Secure Boot with of course the keys to MS Windows 8 and nothing more.

Wait but I am not going to run Windows 8 you are saying. It will not impact me right? Well read this account from Jesse Smith on DistroWatch and keep in mind he is a seasoned user well adept at using alternate operating systems of all flavors. He gets through it but I have to agree with him that many users will not or will just get plain frustrated and quit.

So do not buy that new shiny computer without knowing what pitfalls you may have to overcome in order to run a free operating system. As a footnote, the Secure Boot link is from an article on the Linux Foundation’s efforts written on ZDNet’s website all about how Microsoft is delaying the keys for Linux. Hmm, just one more reason to buy new equipment from alternate retailers that put Linux first or buy used.

3 thoughts on “Will Secure Boot Impact You?

  1. Steve Grosklos

    Will secure boot affect computer builders. I build my own, buying my own MB, CPU, Video card and HD’s and Memory.

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